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The VOIP Differences

Self Service Cloud VOIP vs. Managed Cloud VOIP

VOICE OVER IP (VOIP)  This is the communication technology of the future.  Some providers are still delivering old fashioned telephone lines and services, but these are 50 or 60 year old technologies on their way out.  Your next phone system will be based on VOIP one way or another.

As we have seen with Computers and Servers, the Cloud is a safe, hardened, and well developed environment for computing services.  The same is true for communication services as well.  And those services exist in one of two varieties – Self Service, and Managed.

Self Service Cloud VOIP - Not Us!

Self Service Cloud VOIP is just that:  Self Service.  You use a portal to purchase the service, which can be a simple call-path (think of it as a “line”).  You and your staff get to make all the choices, do the programming, install the phones, and support them. 

Trial and error is involved.  And when things don’t work correctly, you and your staff take on the responsibility to troubleshoot.  Is It a bad internet connection?  Internal Network Issue?  Provider side issue?  Telephone company Issue? 

And the complicated setup screens in the portal continuously do something different than what you want. 

Basic Cloud

“Managed” Cloud

Loquantur is a Managed Communications Platform Provider

Discovering your needs, creating solutions that truly work

The “managed” part of the solution means you get real support. We consult with the client, advise options, set up your system and provide support as long as you are happy with us.

Our focus is not just the bits and bytes.  We pay close attention to voice quality and all the technical issues.  But we are most aware that you want a system to support your business.  We help you think through business processes, function consolidation, overflow calling, multi-site integration, work from home staff, etc…

Bottom Line: It is about your business…  And we are here to help!



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