Each Phone Is Pre-programmed for Wireless Implementation

Standard VOIP Setup Instructions
Can be…Complicated

Lots of things that you need to do
o Unpack phone
o Read Instructions
o Set up firewall
o Program specifics for each phone
o Multiple operations (Make choices, pick numbers, etc., etc.

Loquantur Client Setup

Simple each person will
• unpack their phone
• Plug into power
• Record their voicemail

About us

Loquantur specializes in developing solutions rather than simply VOIP.  

We think way beyond “here’s your box!”  (So you don’t have to!)

Each Loquantur design is custom-built based on client solution that is needed – unique to them. Loquantur provides an IT implementation aimed at solving problems, like call overflow management, centralized functions for remote locations, queue handling and cascaded queues, encryption, emergency management, integrations.

We make sure that everything in your voice/data communications connectivity is as simple as possible – YOUR time is, after all, valuable.  

If you want reliable communications, with the simplest and most efficient setup – choose Loquantur! 

  #1 “Managed” VOIP Solutions  – www.loquantur.com  1-800-527-9022


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