Writing songs with his heart and soul on display, TJ George’s music weaves personal stories of falling in love to heartbreak.

TJ is an award winning artist who is influenced by Pop, R&B, Folk and Blue-Eyed Soul to create his own unique Melodic Groove. His passion for music and belief in following his dreams has led to experiences like performing on PBS ‘Songs at the Center’. TJ has also shared the stage with award winning songwriters, written with multiple Top Ten hit makers and produced music for television and movies. He has opened for artists such as Maxwell Hughes of The Lumineers and touring artist Joe Crookston.

His love for living a life in music comes through in the heartfelt trueness of his songs.His poignant lyrics are spot on for lost love as well as the celebration of new love on the horizon. His music is the type that makes you want to kick back and listen to it again and again. Who hasn’t had their bravery tested for what lies ahead in life? TJ George writes in such a way that one can envision their life experiences, bringing a smile to your face. Move forward and follow your dreams with TJ George’s amazing musical stories.

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