How to Make Faxes Work Over VOIP and It’s NOT VOIP – It’s the Internet Connection!
Legacy Fax Machines
There are occasions where some businesses need to send a fax – and that may create a problem. IF there is a legacy fax machine involved, their very technology creates issues. The codecs – program elements that compresses data to enable faster transmission – were built for dial-up. Adding a T.38 line, and sometimes an ATA (Analog Transmission Adaptor) may solve the issue.
Upgrade to Computer Faxing
The easiest solution is to get computer fax capability,which basically functions as email to fax and vice versa on the other end. It may just be time to say “goodbye, old friend” to your standalone fax machine.age.
What This Means To YOU
If you need to fax, depending on your situation there are “work arounds” that will let you continue to do so – or you can go to computer-based fax program. Either way, just ask Loquantur – we can help you solve the issue of faxing as part of our total Managed VOIP service!
It’s Not VOIP – It’s The Internet Connection
Virtually all VOIP quality problems stem from TWO key areas in the connection process:
First is the INTERNET CONNECTION – if you don’t have a business grade/high quality connection, you WILL have quality issues.
The second area is the ROUTER – you need to have a robust router, preferably from a Managed VOIP provider like Loquantur.
Consider These Issues:
Your voice and data communication is critical to having an organized and successful business. If you want to have reliable connectivity, you need to invest in business level/high-quality internet service. Anything less is not going to provide with the value you want.
The Loquantur Difference
Loquantur specializes in making sure that everything in your voice/data communications connectivity is the best value available. Our recommendations are based on optimal quality/optimal price – not “lowest possible cost.” Price is an important component on any business relationship, but it must be balanced against performance. If you want reliable communications, getting the right internet and router capability will produce the best value for your customers, suppliers – and your company.

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