In today’s business environment, adaptive call routing is a hallmark of any call management service. Adaptive Call Routing is the process of directing calls in different ways based on business requirements. One of the well known ways it is implemented is “business-day” versus “after-hours” call routing. But have you considered other scenarios?

Let’s start with effective customer service through adaptive routing? You achieve that through any number of rules that take care of the specific caller on an individual basis–everybody calling your number is not processed the same way. These can be simple rules or complex ones.

For example, assume that your system immediately engages an automated attendant for incoming callers. However, when you receive a call identified as a customer, you don’t want the caller to go through the automated system. Instead, you want such a call to go to the executive who takes care of the account. After hours, you want that call to go to a priority call queue.

Here’s another example: When a business executive calls in, chances are they would like to speak to an assistant. You identify the incoming call as the executive and you route the call through to the assistant with no automated response picking up.

Here’s another idea: In this example, we have a medical office with multiple locations and a single toll-free number. When a patient calls to schedule an appointment, you would like the call to go to the office nearest to them based on their caller ID. Adaptive calling lets you do so.

Or alternatively, each office has its own number that patients use, but when the patient requests a specific function such as scheduling, all such calls go to a central scheduling office which takes care of the patients. Voila! You re-engineer the business process while maintaining a positive patient calling experience.

Tell us how your business can use this to affect better results.

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