End of Landlines

AT&T, the long-time provider of landlines, will soon be out of the landline business. Eighteen (18) states have agreed to let support for the old twisted copper pair lines go away, with Illinois about to join in with only California refusing to vote to allow the change.

The cost of maintaining these lines is substantial, and considered unnecessary. VOIP (Voice – and data – Over Internet Protocol) is now the only choice for the vast majority of telephone users.
What This Means to YOU: Legacy systems are GONE. You need a solid provider who can keep your phone system simple, affordable and WORKING. Loquantur offers the best choice – MANAGED VOIP – giving you great state-of-the-art service design, operation AND continuing support to keep you connected.

Loquantur Is in the business of building SOLUTIONS. We provide expertise and peace of mind with a completely managed cloud-based systems that

  • Require NO space or equipment purchases (you get all the “stuff” you need as part of the system – no extra charge
  • Don’t cost a ton and will continue to work ALL the time (no downtime or line quality issues) as you grow while still meeting changing strategic needs
  • BEST of allDON’T require a lot of YOUR time to “make the phones work and talk to each other”
  • AND…. Cherry on top: you NO LONGER deal with the Phone Company.

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