The biggest question is NOT whether your communication system (it’s MORE than just phones) should be on the Cloud. It’s what you WANT from the system AND its provider.

Most people start looking into cloud VOIP systems for their business by searching online. That’s where it gets complicated. There are a lot of providers “out there” and they all talk about why they have THE answer for YOUR business.

After folks find out the potential range of services offered, their default is to start looking at price points. Business owners always try to slim down their options by looking at cost – BUT that may not be what they should consider first.

What should be considered:
Who can deliver the best overall VALUE? Because price of the service by itself is only part of the overall cost – or better yet, cost SAVINGS.

The best way to start is to look at the key differences between basic cloud VOIP solutions and managed cloud VOIP solutions.


Basic Cloud Services

The key attraction to basic cloud VOIP solutions is price.

DIY? You Bet!
However, if you choose one of these providers, be prepared for a LOT of “DIY” work.

Quality? Uh…
With basic cloud VOIP solution, your voice data is transmitted over the regular internet, so quality can easily be compromised.


  • Low-cost local and long-distance calling
  • Your monthly costs are fairly low (as long as you don’t start adding lots of features!)


  • “DIY” installation marginal help, support and customer service

Bottom Line: If you only use your system to make and take simple calls, basic cloud VOIP will work – but don’t expect help..


Managed Cloud VOIP


Features and Services!
You can get things like auto attendants, personal call routing, desktop call management, and – if you get a great provider, you get a LOT more support for your overall communications.

You get much more, but costs for managed cloud VOIP solutions differ based on who your provider is your overall communications

Quality will be better than with basic cloud VOIP solutions, via dedicated designed specifically for VOIP use. The provider will also handle backup and keep your system up and running


  • You should get what’s called “EnterpriseLevel” phone system features
  • Installation, system components and usersupport should be part of the deal


  • You pay more

Bottom Line: If you do more than just chat on the phone, or if you want integrated solutions for multiple devices, managed cloud VOIP is your best alternative.


The Loquantur Difference


First, “you get what you pay for.” Is the phrase to keep in mind.

We are a very cost-effective provider AND we can help you with many additional benefits above and beyond just supporting your phone system’s functionality and reliability. We can provide MANY additional benefits.

  • Require NO space or equipment purchases (you get all the “stuff” you need as part of the system – no extra charge)
  • Don’t cost a ton and will continue to work ALL the time (no downtime or line quality issues) as you grow while still meeting changing strategic needs
  • BEST of all – DON’T require a lot of YOUR time to “make the phones work and talk to each other”
  • AND…. Cherry on top: you NO LONGER deal with the Phone Company.

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