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The benefits of Managed (Hosted) Cloud VOIP services begin with eliminating the need for internal IT resources to handle your day-to-day communication.  Many Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB’s) do not have an internal IT department and don’t possess the skills to effectively monitor and maintain a cloud environment.

SMB’s also don’t want to have to hire a third-party cloud service provider to handle all the intricacies of VOIP. In many cases SMB’s already have their IT infrastructure handled by a consultant, who doesn’t necessarily understand how to manage Cloud VOIP.

DIY is fine for refinishing a table, but NOT for managing Cloud VOIP.  Those companies who bought “Cloud VOIP-in-a-box” have discovered that there many areas that they can’t handle that require technical expertise to manage –things like communications security, networking and other operational needs.

Cost savings are another benefit of Managed VOIP.  Users eliminate the disruption and costs associated with in-house PBX system repair and downtime when something breaks or needs upgraded.  Managed Cloud VOIP also eliminates the space and upfront expense of an in-house system because it is internet based.

It also provides a predictable monthly cost for services.  Having the costs for maintenance and flexibility built in to the monthly agreement means no spikes in expense when needs change, a disaster occurs or personnel/location changes need to be accommodated.  Those are all incorporated in the monthly invoice.

Disaster recovery is built-in to Managed Cloud VOIP.   Emergencies can occur – storms, fires, blizzards, floods – all those events can create havoc with a business, particularly with communications.  Phone systems tend to be the first thing disrupted by unplanned circumstances.

If an SMB is still using a legacy system – in-house telephone equipment – the disaster can include the end of the business.  Studies show that a business that can’t recover its communications quickly have a high probability of not recovering – ever.  Their customers go elsewhere.

A Managed Cloud VOIP system will be unaffected.  Communications infrastructure is protected in a secure environment and being available by phone can continue regardless of conditions.   In the case of physical damage to “bricks and mortar,” communications can be routed to Smart phones and business can continue.

Other communications such as voicemails can be forwarded as emails are handled in other locations or, again, via Smart phones.  This means that even if extended disruption occurs in a facility location, business can still be conducted without complications and customers will be able to get the answers they need.

Disaster recovery alternatives can be pre-programmed or changed on the fly because of the flexibility of the cloud and the capability of the VOIP system.  Managed Cloud VOIP means that any needed re-routing can take place seamlessly and any organization can still be productive without any loss of connection.

This flexibility also maintains employee morale and productivity.   Users can access the cloud-based network remotely and have a continued connection to their work – and the sense that they still have the ability to be part of an ongoing organization.

At Loquantur, we are committed to helping businesses leverage the custom solutions available from cloud VOIP.  As a Managed Cloud VOIP services provider, we set up, manage and protect your communications environment so you can focus on growing your business.



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