Stranger Music is the work and anthem of Shane – who doesn’t use a last name and refers to himself as “Stranger.”

Although “Stranger Music” is the name of a book by another extraordinary artist – Leonard Cohen, the name of his organization is not an homage, but a recognition of “being different.”

Shane is an extremely talented singer / songwriter whose songs put his life experiences in front of his audience

The music ranges from deeply moving and ethereal as in the song Imaginal Self to a harsh rap as in Phoenix. The themes that run through all his work are twofold:

Being an outsider until you become comfortable with yourself

The need for everyone to be inclusive in terms of differences of all kinds, including gender

Shane’s belief is that music is the medium that allows everyone to be what they are and accept others in the same way. His manifesto is contained in a raw and thoughtful self-biography:“Welcome to the Underdog show featuring Stranger as your host!” Stranger (Shane) works out of Columbus, OH bringing new insight both through his day jobs and his music to help people see a new perspective. As a 24 year old trans man who grew up on the outside of the box looking in, he wants to be able to show others what they might’ve missed from being in the box looking out.

Shane presented female until he came out as Trans* at the age of 19 and has since publicly and privately identified as male/androgynous. Having developed such a personal perspective of gender roles, and having been the outcast while presenting female, he realized that we all have so much more in common than we realize. It was then that he picked the name “Stranger.” He thought, “If we acknowledge such deep common traits together through music, and in a way bond over them, then at what point are we no longer Strangers?” #NotaStrangerAnymore”

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