Do It Yourself They promised you that the new phone system was capable of doing EVERYTHING.

But they forgot to tell you that “doing everything” would require you to be the resident geek – OR hire an expensive geek just to handle the phone system!

Loquantur systems are delivered via the cloud for complete flexibility… BUT they are different from most. Our systems are completely managed – that means that you and your company don’t have to try and figure out how to keep the phones working now or in the future because they are expandable.

That means you will NEVER receive an email that says “YOYO”You’re On Your Own.

With our solutions, you will never receive a response to an email that says “Automated Response – I will be out of the office from (date) through (date) on vacation. If you have a service effecting issue please call your carrier repair number.” (Actual email received by someone else’s customer – in trouble.)

Our HOSTED Cloud-Based PBX solutions will handle virtually every need your company will have and can grow to continue to meet your strategic needs as they evolve– plus we support it with complete service, 24/7.
Plus, you don’t have to be a geek OR hire one – our solutions are very sophisticated BUT not complicated and can be upgraded or changed as needed to meet your requirements.
Don’t keep wasting your time trying to handle your phone system on your own.

If your blood pressure is rising as fast as your phone system “to-do” list, it’s time to talk to us – Loquantur.

We built a better platform that addresses these deficiencies. Loquantur Is in the business of building SOLUTIONS We provide expertise and peace of mind with a completely managed cloud-based systems that

  • Require NO space or equipment purchases (you get all the “stuff” you need as part of the system – no extra charge
  • Don’t cost a ton and will continue to work ALL the time (no downtime or line quality issues) as you grow while still meeting changing strategic needs
  • BEST of allDON’T require a lot of YOUR time to “make the phones work and talk to each other”
  • AND…. Cherry on top: you NO LONGER deal with the Phone Company.

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