The Rooftop Dinosaurs are young (VERY young) musicians, still early (yeah, VERY early) in their career.

Loquantur supports creativity and the arts and especially the energy and exuberance of young musicians. We support them and hope that you will too, No, they are NOT ready for prime time (yet) however…

What counts is NOT ONLY their current music, but the fact that they have creative energy and the desire to perform – plus the drive to do it in public and try to sell their demo EP – yes – SELL it.

They chose to do something we totally support – creativity, aspiration and trying. They may be young and inexperienced now, but who knows – they may be the next The Mamas and the Papas.

Wouldn’t it be great to have another young group that could do something as timeless and cool as “California Dreamin’?”

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