the pattern of regular or irregular pulses caused in music by the occurrence of strong and weak melodic and harmonic beats.


Loquantur RHYTHM is an outreach program to the communities, organizations and people we serve. The overarching purpose is our way of recognizing that beyond our daily commercial ventures all of us are engaged in being part of a greater whole.

RHYTHM is our vehicle to engage our audiences and share new and different music and philosophies with them. As promotion of the music of a local artist as it becomes part of our default music on hold for one week. This gives the artists a chance to be heard, and our clients get original and unique new hold music to amp up their business communications system.

Loquantur RHYTHM covers all genres: electronic dance music (EDM), rock, alternative rock, country, pop, rap, and Christian. It is a surprise every time!

If you are an artist who is interested in exploring participation in the program, please email us at sales@loquantur.com, and let’s chat!

Here is a list of our most recent artists. If you heard them while holding on Loquantur, locate them on this page! Buy their Music! Follow and Like their Social Media Pages!

Noah Martin

Words That Convey Messages – More than Just Talk In our business discussions, words can carry more than just literal meaning.   The reason why person-to-person discussions still trump all other types of messaging is simple – tone, inflection, pacing, rhythm and the...

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Kenston Henderson, Sr.

Music career Kenston grew in a house where music played a big role. Whether as an accompaniment for chores around the house when his mother would play music, or listening to his sisters practicing as a vocal group. Kenston was inspired to write his first song at age 7...

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Henry Byrne

Henry Byrne is a brilliant young (16!) singer/songwriter from Columbus, Ohio who is definitely ahead of the power curve.    His debut EP, titled Pardon My Failures consists of 5 tracks with each part written, performed and recorded by the artist. Henry is an honor...

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iShine Music – A previous RHYTHM collaborator

Chris Summers (DJ iShine) is an American music producer, DJ, blogger, and composer.  This is his second “tour” with RHYTHM, he had a warm reception when he was previously featured in the August ’18 RHYTHM. As a professional DJ and sound engineer, Christopher Summers...

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Help Wanted: Building a Stronger RHYTHM Community

Once again, we reach out to RHYTHM regulars and those who are seeing it for the first time.  RHYTHM is an outreach program to the communities, organizations and people we serve and others we have yet to reach. Our business is based on creating partnerships using...

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The Milk Theory Band

Texas Alternative Music The Milk Theory Band was formed in June of 2015 by four high school friends from San Antonio, Texas.  It has the Texas music pedigree – original music, great arrangements and an amazing lead singer - Brisa Shaw. Founding members Joseph Peterson...

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Deploy & Grow

We install everything for you, including phones which you can rent from us OR buy them outright yourself (if they meet our Cisco-driven specifications)

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