Second in a Series on Issues with VOIP Cloud Providers

This month, our blog will talk about Service promises versus realities from VOIP providers.

Promises NEED to be KEPT!

Managed Cloud VOIP –
What constitutes “REAL” Customer Service?  (Define “24/7” Support)

Customer Service from VOIP providers can be uneven.  To Paraphrase the old Biblical quotation – “Many are called, but few answer.”

That’s because many providers consider having the ability to make an online service request and open a Trouble Ticket to be “great customer service.”  If your phone service isn’t working, that provides very little comfort – because what counts is getting issues resolved, not filling out a form.

Others are perfectly happy to take email requests, and get back to a customer with a problem within 48 hours.  AND, that doesn’t mean the problem will be resolved or even addressed – it may only mean that further information will be requested.

Then –

“We’ll research this and get back to you” may be the only response the customer gets.”

Your Business Depends on Phones – Why Be Dictated How You Get Service?

Isn’t interesting that many providers who offer “great phone service” DON’T allow you to call to discuss issues?  But that’s true for quite a few companies, even some of the biggest and most well-known WON’T consider taking customer service calls.

You should be able to contact the provider any way that you choose – email, phone – even text.  After all, YOUR ability to offer services requires you to let customers – within reason – contact you in a number of ways, especially when there is an issue with the services you provide them.

Problems That Shouldn’t Happen

  1. If your phones go down because your Managed VOIP provider doesn’t have a back-up Internet connection
  2. If you have recurring issues that DON’T get addressed
  3. If you have no way of speaking to a human to get answers about when a problem will be addressed

Why Those Problems Happen 



IF your VOIP provider doesn’t do their due diligence and they don’t respond in a TIMELY manner:

  • It may mean they don’t have the right infrastructure to take service calls – too many customers and not enough resources
  • They are counting on a contractual agreement that you signed that won’t let you out of the arrangement and aren’t going to worry about pleasing you
  • They are having internal problems – equipment and/or people and simply don’t know or care how to fix them

Issues – That Come and Go, But Come Back

Even if a provider can be contacted, the real issue is – Can they fix the problem the FIRST time so it doesn’t happen again?

“Fixing” a problem that comes back over and over is NOT great customer service.  You want solutions that are “one and done.”

The bottom line is that you need a Managed Cloud VOIP provider who can be completely responsive to service request – however and whenever they occur.

So, choose your Managed Cloud VOIP provider carefully.  Check ratings, look for testimonials and even ask if there is a current customer you can reach out to for their opinion.  At the end of the day, YOU are paying THEM for service – if they don’t provide it – you probably will want to move on.

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