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Soothsayer Analytics

Multiple countries, multiple states, full visibility, clear communications - NO PROBLEM.


Soothsayer is a company physically located with offices in Ohio and Michigan, but works in collaboration with the International School of Engineering in Hyderabad – one of the world’s top engineering institutes in the world; known for Big Data, Deep Learning and AI, and Blockchain.

 Communications between the offices was not an easy task. A Global Analytics Company Needs a Great Communications System.

Initially, the Soothsayer staff relied on cell phones with their facility in India offices connected to a National service provider. The transmission quality of the voice service there was not conducive to conducting business, or helping the staff work with U.S.-based clients.

We were approached to design a solution that can help the company interconnect its 3 locations into a single system. It was a challenging process, but we managed to deploy a top-quality system that works as well for voice from India to the U. S. as it does for local calls.

Within about 6 weeks, we had telephones in India being tested. They worked perfectly, because the way we configure our services and phones allows us to overcome the distance and produce a solution that seamlessly connects the company as well as its customers.

Side cart extenders allows everybody to know who is on the phone and at any time, therefore allowing real time presence and call transfers when there is availability. Callers from the US, dial staff extensions to reach them in Hyderabad.

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