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Dublin Entrepreneurial Center

In Support of the Entrepreneurial Spirit and The American Dream


The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (The DEC), is arguably the largest center supporting startup companies in the United States.  It houses over 150 businesses at any one time.

There businesses-on-the-grow enjoy a wide array of resources including onsite collaborations, meeting rooms, datacenter, expert advice, introductions to sources of capital, as well as educational programming and networking opportunities.

When we decided to Launch Loquantur, it was obvious that this was one of the places for us to serve and support. 

Loquantur became a DEC sponsor, providing state-of-the-art phone system services at a special rate for any entrepreneur who could use the service. 

We share our simple point of view with all emerging companies – just because you are starting doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be positioned for growth. Each group needs to have a professional customer-facing presence. 

The last thing a promising company should worry about is an efficient phone presence.  Our systems are set up to be sustainable.  When a DEC company moves out to permanent quarters, they can just take their system with them without any change to their call process

Loquantur, Inc.

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Suite 300
Dublin, Ohio 43017

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