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A Construction Company Is a Hub of Constant Change


One might mistakenly assume that a company working primarily with brick and mortar may not have great needs for a multi-dimensional communications platform. And that would not be the case!

Construction companies face significant challenges in the constant buildup and tear down of different construction sites. The process is akin to opening and closing a multitude of branch offices every single year. In addition to that, actual sales and management offices may exist in many different locales, and states. A communications platform has to be flexible to support such operations. Hence, Loquantur!


Construction companies have extremely complex communications needs. Because of their constantly changing locations and requirements for reliable contact with clients, suppliers, building inspectors and other team members they need a multi-dimensional communications platform.

Sales and management offices can be located in many different places, and will be in constant motion. Keeping clients in a comfort zone makes it critical to have a system that lets them make calls to and from “local” phone numbers while their associates are in motion, even going from state to state. Any system they use also has to be flexible and allow for “on-the-fly” changes in delivering calls. They have complicated needs but –

Loquantur has the answer!

We have a construction company client that operates 3 sales offices in 2 states with construction sites in 4 different states.

They needed a highly sophisticated communications system for several reasons

• Staff members, especially project managers, must constantly change phone numbers or rely solely on cellular phones.

Just using cell phones is not a good idea because these are people who spend hours every day on conference calls with local attendees.

Cell phones just don’t have reliable and secure conferencing capabilities so quality conferencing at different construction sites is impractical without a system than can support it.

• Mobility. Is critical for this company. moving phones between construction sites and other locales is simple with the proper configuration and coordination,. Move a phone with each person who needs one, plug it into a switch with Internet connection and a corporate extension has moved with you.

• We also eliminated the question when and how to check voicemail while on the move by setting up voicemail to email, That lets messages go directly to a person’s smart phone. The incoming caller ID is in the subject line, so users quickly determine what needs immediate attention and what can wait.

They need to manage their money, be able to reach their staff and suppliers AND provide great service to their clients and prospects.

• There is no need to have a receptionist in each sales office and each construction location, which would be expensive and create problems in efficient communication.

We helped them have a single person answer all calls and properly direct them regardless of what number is called. We have superb capabilities for adaptive routing and visibility – so they know who’s on the phone and to whom they need to speak – quickly.

• Another critical issue is keeping senior managers who travel almost constantly in contact on their corporate phone number. Several of this construction firms’ executives have multiple offices, including a home office. They need to accept corporate calls while keeping the same extension number and providing visibility to their “available” / “on the phone” status.

We helped them be able to have one extension for their each executive that covered their home offices AND all 3 sales offices. They have clear communications without spending a fortune.

• We even helped with warehouses, where there are no network connections. Loquantur said “no problem.” Wi-Fi enabled Smartphones let the company’s staff have direct communications anywhere there they can get a signal.

• There was a different issue with their construction sites,. By their nature, these sites are not secure locations. That makes the ability to minimize on-site equipment important. They wanted to avoid being a target for theft or potential vandalism – and not lose the backbone of your site communications.

All in all, we managed to make this construction firm stay connected, save money and provide super servicel

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