Case Study


Cultivate is a business incubator that has locations in Grove City and London, Ohio.


As a sponsor of the incubator, Loquantur offers the budding businesses very cost-effective phone systems to help their businesses grow and prosper. It allows them to have a great phone system at a very affordable cost.

We provide and maintain a system for each of the Cultivate clients, many of whom choose to take the service with them as they move out of the incubator stage. We also manage a lobby and back office phone system for evening, or late night visitors to be able to safely connect with tenants of the building, to gain access to the facility.

In addition to sponsoring the phones, our executives participate in an advisory group that provides free business counseling to businesses that are a part of the Grove City and London communities.

Cultivate is aligned with Loquantur’s business philosophy, which we share with current and prospective stakeholders in our Rhyme, Rhythm and Resources newsletters.  They have the same passion for helping others – in their case, entrepreneurs – to be positioned for growth and success.

Get the Phone System You Really Need in 3 Easy Steps

First, we offer "Managed" VOIP in the cloud, not basic cloud VOIP.


We figure out what you need to do to get EXACTLY what you want from your phone system – including ability to make/receive local number calls from anywhere


We design sophisticated system configuration that are easy to use with great service and pricing. We’re more interested in your company than in a quick sale – we want your business to flourish so we can grow with you.

Deploy & Grow

We install everything for you, including phones which you can rent from us OR buy them outright yourself (if they meet our Cisco-driven specifications)

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