Loquantur, Inc. Privacy Policy

All references in this policy to “Loquantur”, “we”, “us”, or “our” refer to Loquantur, Inc. “Personal Information” means any information that allows somebody to identify or reasonably link to our website visitor or client or its staff. The word “Processing” is used to mean how we gather, store, use, extrapolate, share, and retain “Personal Information”.
We use the term “Affiliates” to refer to any business whose services are needed to deliver Loqauntur services to our clients. These include support services. Service Hosting Businesses, data analytics, technology services companies that are a part of the service delivery as well as companies with common ownership.
We use the term “Partners” to refer to businesses that provide data to Loquantur or independent services to client in support of their agreement. This may include but not limited to Internet service providers, data companies, and Telecommunications Service Providers.
At Loquantur, security and the privacy of our clients is top priority. We use security best practices to design and build our software and processes that protect client privacy and their information. We are very committed to transparency and this policy outlines our privacy practices. We attempt to describe it in plain language with minimum use of technical jargon.
When signing Loquantur master services agreement, the agreement itself identifies the privacy rules that we abide by. These are reiterated here for clarify.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

We are a business to business platform, and we collect mostly information about our business clients including but not limited staff names and sometimes address, physical addresses, email addresses, and payment methods.
We collect call records with identifiable source and destination. We use this data for client invoicing but may use it to troubleshoot calls, or other purposes related to the service.
In order to continually enhance our service, we can review call records as needed.
With our website, we collect information such as activity, cookies, software information, logs, and other tracking technologies.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We keep client basic information indefinitely in our client contact databases. This applies to the terms of the client contracts and remain in our systems for historical reference if the client chooses to move their service elsewhere. Purging older records may occur at Loquantur’ s complete discretion and desired times, if any.
We keep call records for a maximum of Sixty-two (62) days, with records dated to the month prior to previous month deleted on the first day of the current month.

With Whom Do Share Information?

Client basic information is shared with affiliates for many purposes including but not limited to creation of invoices and collection of monies due, support of the platform, operations of our technologies, and to help future and other technology related offerings.
Our agreement outlines Partners with whom we share your information, including but not limited to third party Telecommunications Services that support the external calling, and Internet Service providers providing connectivity and troubleshooting for issues that may arise.
We share your address with E911 service providers to perform correct routing of emergency services to your location in case of an emergency.
We will share information with law enforcement if presented with proper documentation for the request. Compliance with law enforcement may not necessarily be communicated with the client depending on the request and circumstances.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and from time to time we may change this Privacy Policy. If Loquantur determines that policy changes are material Notification can be via the App, email, or any method we deem adequate to perform the notification.
The latest version of this Privacy Policy is always available at: www.loquantur.com/privacy

(revised 6/30/2023)

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