Words That Convey Messages – More than Just Talk

In our business discussions, words can carry more than just literal meaning.   The reason why person-to-person discussions still trump all other types of messaging is simple – tone, inflection, pacing, rhythm and the emotion conveyed by those speaking.

Loquantur understands the vital importance of clear communication ­– it’s the most important element of our service.  Clear talk is the best way to support clear communication.   RHYME is one way we support clear communication connections. Developing and sharing relationships with talented “word people” is part of our RESOURCES effort.  We provide vetted, talented people who can help carry YOUR message.

Today, our RHYME RESOURCE is a new but highly qualified voice actor.


RHYME – Noah Martin – Voice Actor

Another Voice-over talent to meet your needs for On Hold or any other type of voice talent needs.

Noah Martin is a young voice actor.  He currently lives in Westerville, Ohio.  He may be a “local guy,” but once you hear his God-given natural talent – a wonderful and mellow voice, you know that he has the “chops” to do well anywhere in the world.

He has spent most of his life in theater.  As a dedicated theatrical performer and backstage person, he has done everything from acting to sound design.

Noah is devoted to practicing his craft and has every possibility of becoming recognized for his abilities.

Noah has performed in a number of roles, from Narration for Librivox, the wonderful public domain audiobook organization and as a talent in Greed in the Green Room, an Amber Monroe Crime Thriller.

He has recently started his own audio-drama podcast which air monthly. He has recruited and directs talent from all across the globe to help his dreams of actor/talent/director/producer come to fruition.

Noah Martin is available for interesting voice talent roes and can be contacted at 614-397-4667.


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