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Telephone Systems: CapEx Vs. OpEx

When it comes to the financial aspects of your telephone system, you have some interesting choices - CapEx – Capital Expense or OpEx – Operating Expense. CapEx is for large expenditures traditionally depreciated over time. OpEx is for writing off costs as incurred....

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Things You NEED TO KNOW! How to Make Faxes Work Over VOIP

How to Make Faxes Work Over VOIP and It’s NOT VOIP – It’s the Internet Connection! Legacy Fax Machines There are occasions where some businesses need to send a fax – and that may create a problem. IF there is a legacy fax machine involved, their very technology...

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What Happens with VOIP if My Internet Service Goes Down?

We all live and die by our phones – whether it’s Mobile or Office service. So the question of what happens to my VoIP phone system if my internet goes down – is obviously a critical one. This issue can be addressed in several ways and in fact, one of the major...

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BEWARE THE “Oh, We Can Do That TOO” VOIP Supplier!

Nobody can be good at EVERYTHING. Many companies that specialize in IT – for issues from security to designing websites – have decided that they can just add VOIP to their service offerings. After all, it’s only IT “stuff,” right? We believe that a company needs to...

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Ah, Christmas… and the Winter holidays!

Ah, Christmas… and the Winter holidays! It’s THE time of year when our thoughts turn to close communication with family and friends. Here at Loquantur we give thanks for our loved ones and our customers – we are truly blessed. When it comes to the holidays, our joy is...

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Get VOIP in 3 easy steps

First, we offer "Managed" VOIP in the cloud, not basic cloud VOIP.



We figure out what you need to do to get EXACTLY what you want from your phone system – including ability to make/receive local number calls from anywhere



We design sophisticated system configuration that are easy to use with great service and pricing. We’re more interested in your company than in a quick sale – we want your business to flourish so we can grow with you.


Deploy & Grow

We install everything for you, including phones which you can rent from us OR buy them outright yourself (if they meet our Cisco-driven specifications)

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