This month, our blog will talk about how many newer firms have targeted businesses who want the benefits of Cloud VOIP service, but are wary of “over-promise/under-deliver” issues.

It’s NOT the technology, it’s the PROVIDER that counts

The Next Installment on Issues with VOIP Cloud Providers

Frankly, they have good reason to be cautious.  Many of the bigger, more-established Cloud VOIP firms are more concerned with profits than with continuing to innovate and to improve their service.

How to Find REALLY Good VOIP Providers?

Some of the “big guys’” customers have been burned and are looking for new and –hopefully – better providers.  But they are also aware of the fact that many of the so-called “Best of” lists are nothing more than stealthy paid advertisements.

(The big firms that have been around for a while actually support (read “pay for”) these supposedly “neutral Research reports” in stealthy ways, so it’s not surprising that despite their shortcomings they also seem to show up well.) 

But the newer Cloud VOIP folks have done their research and although they promise better service, with offers like “you’ll have your OWN “dedicated customer representative” and other claims, they have no intention of doing anything more than getting signed contracts.

They may have one of two “dedicated representatives” but only until those firms get more customers – in which case, good luck with service requests because they are overwhelmed with more customers and way fewer “back room techs” to handle actually fixed issues.

Or worse yet those representatives come and go quickly, because they are tired of being yelled at by irate customers AND are also overworked and underpaid.

Industry figures for new “customer rep” job postings for Cloud VOIP companies show constant turnover. 

The new firms that “pop up” have extremely high turnover because they have not planned for the scalable infrastructure they will need as their client base grows.  You really need to find out as much as a potential cloud VOIP provider as possible.

Customers DEMAND ultra-high service levels for business phone service.  Phone calls are the lifeblood of any business.  Texts and voicemails are great, but a smart business is well aware that if their phones don’t work, neither will they and their organization for very long.

Don’t Just Buy What Is Said or on a Website

IF you want a MANAGED Cloud VOIP provider who does their due diligence and responds in a TIMELY manner, look at the reviews from their customers – and then look up the firms or persons listed as posting those ratings.

Sadly, fake “Spoof” reviews are posted all the time, usually from fictitious or “no longer in business” organizations.

If you want more verification, CALL those reviewers and ask what they REALLY think.

Really good firms actually LIKE having their customers called.

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