This month, we reach out to RHYTHM veterans and those who are seeing it for the first time. We felt it was time to talk connectivity of another kind – Person-to-person, artist-to-audience, Music-options- to-music appreciators.

Loquantur RHYTHM is our connector. It is an outreach program to the communities, organizations and people we serve – an invitation, if you will to diversify our music tastes by trying something new.

We sometimes may forget that we are part of a society, that artistry has an immense emotional power and gives us true intellectual value. Music has been part of every nation’s soul.

La Marseillaise, the Star Spangled Banner and other national anthems bring tears to the eyes of patriots. Classical music bears witness to the struggles and accomplishment of people and their ideas throughout history.

That type of connection is the overarching purpose behind RHYTHM. It is our way of recognizing that beyond the daily commercial ventures all of us are engaged, there is MORE to life. Music is part of that “more.” Listening to it in person, online, even on hold allows hearing different things and learning to understand different but still-connected enjoyment.

RHYTHM is our vehicle to engage our audiences and share new and different music and philosophies with them. As promotion of the music of a local artist as it becomes part of our default music on hold. This gives the artists a chance to be heard, and our clients get original and unique new hold music to amp up their business communications system.

We like to think that RHYTHM allows a wide range of individuals appreciate the joy of being part of a greater whole. As the old saying goes, “We’re all in this together.” Whatever your point of view, beliefs and opinions or tastes, music touches all of us in the same way.

Loquantur RHYTHM covers all genres: electronic dance music (EDM), rock, alternative rock, country, pop, rap, and Christian because there is something in every kind of music that moves us to think, to dream, to remember and, sometimes, to change.

It is a movable feast and helps us to be part of a society that is truly connected!

Vive La Music!

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