We Believe …

that Our Offerings should include more than phone Service.

Our goal is always helping our customers achieve commercial success by delivering a reliable, cost-efficient managed cloud VOIP phone service system.  But above and beyond that, our overall mission includes supporting the establishment and growth of organizations and people.

On a societal level, we believe that community and connection go hand-in hand-with having a better world.  It’s not pie-in-the-sky or goodie-two-shoes wishful thinking, it’s about all of us working together toward the shared goal of being more – more successful as business people and as human beings.

Connectivity between people means recognizing that each of us can connect and contribute to others- many others, or just one-to-one.  As human beings, we are all interconnected because we live in the same world and have the same basic aspirations – to live better, to understand that each of us can provide values just by being in connection and working toward a common cause.

We want to share those beliefs by being in true community with our customers, our neighbors and the resources that we support and promote.

Six Important Things You May NOT Know About Us
Our company name and tagline – Latin words with great meaning
  • Our company name: Loquantur – They Shall Speak – or in our case, we help you speak to others
  • Our tagline: Invenient Veritatem – Devise Your Truth – we’ll help you speak so people can really hear you

We offer inclusive resources for a wide range of social/commercial resources.

  • Our RHYTHM program helps new and established musicians and groups gain notice and demonstrate their talents – as performers of “On Hold” music and by being featured in the RHYTHM section of our publications to customers and other interested parties.
  • RHYME is the name of our resource listing for people who you communicate – writers and Voice-Over talents for on Hold message
We Support Community Resources

We provide phone systems for entrepreneurs at local “incubator/co-working” spaces – AND when they move on to their facilities, they take their phones and phone numbers with them

Take a tour of our website and see what else we can and will do to support connectivity and community.

Loquantur, Inc.

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