We all know that changing any type of technology has the potential to make a shambles of your business.  New software, new payment systems – adopting any new process may be a harrowing experience.

When it comes to something like your telephone communication, a change can devastate your operations.  Customers have no patience for problems getting or giving information.  VOIP has become the primary way business phones work.  (2018 Statista, Inc. study says over 3/4 of business lines are handled by VOIP.) 

Business Issues and Solutions for VOIP

  1. Converting to VOIP

Many businesses have had problems, particularly when it comes to getting responsive customer services.  Getting a “VOIP in a box” system can seem the least expensive way to go BUT unless a business has a dedicated IT resource – who really understands telephony, there can be many, many delays and problems.

Big box VOIP firms put everything into a brown cardboard box and then – YOYO – you’re on your own.  Support for installation is practically non-existent and won’t be quick. 

Reason 1 – Get the Right Firm and – no problems

Working with right Managed VOIP Cloud is critical to getting up and working with a minimum of hassles.  Smaller and more nimble companies that specialize in “total care” – from installation to availability by phone, email, chat or text to counsel and support on how to route calls are the answer.

Look for a firm whose process is based on “total care” and your pre-installation discussion will provide the basis for installation – by skilled technicians who work for that company – will be quick and painless.



Despite “big box” claims that you can “just plug and play,” needed changes are less about phones than they are about routing.   If you want to change how, when and where one or more associates can receive or make phone calls, it may be YOYO all over again.  Again, without with a very skilled IT resource, the situation may become a nightmare.

Reason 2 – Responsive Counsel and Action

A “total care’ firm will meet with you, get all the information and provide alternative solutions for making changes – in routing as well as equipment.  Once you have determined which method will work best for you – your Managed VOIP Cloud provider will make the required programming changes – you just get the benefits, not the headaches.

  1. Expansion, Contraction, Integrating other Systems


The number of system users may reduce or grow because of business conditions, seasonality or needed support for other geographies.  Sometimes, your system may have to work with another firm’s system, temporarily or permanently.

Big Box or technologically in adequate firms (usually those that just sell a pre-set system and have no real background in VOIP science and process) will be of little or no help.  Worse than being in yet another YOYO situation, you may be told that “there is no way to handle this.”

Reason 3 – Technological Expertise

A total care Managed Cloud VOIP firm will have technical capabilities available within their organization and be able to handle any and all requirements.  Shrinking, growing or integrating with other systems will all be possible options.

Bottom Line

Pick a total care provider for your Cloud VOIP by carefully reviewing their capabilities and abilities.  If a firm can definitively guarantee that they can meet any or all of your potential needs – move on.

Loquantur is a technology-rich total care Managed Cloud VOIP provider.  Our company’s technological expertise and commitment to making life easier for our customers means that support is readily and easily available to meet any of your needs.


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