Traditionally, a phone systems upgrade can be a difficult process. “Gotchas” tend to engender the whole process… From the initial capital expense involved in the transaction, implementation, equipment replacement, downtime, as well as lost productivity related to the project.

Loquantur was designed from the ground up to address many of these issues! And over the next couple of newsletters, we’ll go into some detail related to each of the “gotchas.”

This time, we’ll start with a biggie: Capital Expenditure!

Good phone systems are not cheap! Traditionally a systems purchase is done through a capital budget. Capital expenditures must be approved through some group or committee within the business including, often times, the board of directors. Once approved, if the purchase is large enough, you have to deal with capitalization, amortization, depreciation,asset tracking, etc… A long process to say the least. Yet, in the meantime, you have to live with systems that are not as functional as you want them to be. After all, isn’t that why you’re upgrading anyway!

Loquantur brings a new way of thinking: Why purchase any equipment at all. First of all, we are in the Cloud, so there is no “System” per se to deploy on site. The only required onsite hardware are the phones.

And here’s the cool thing: we will provide those as an integral part of the service. When you add this to the fact that we take over the management of your phone numbers and lines, we can move your whole phone systems upgrade and operations into a single line operating expense. (Yes I did say “you no longer have to deal with the phone company”… – we do it on your behalf)

So what does the move from CapEx to OpEx mean to you? First of all, your initial cash outlay to get into better systems is gone!

When you implement Loquantur, you are replacing one or a couple of existing vendors with Loquantur via lateral swap. And you can get into a Loquantur service within a very short time. Most importantly, you reap the benefits of better systems immediately.

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