This is a band with two names: Liberty Mean AND Mock and Roll… How did that happen?

It’s all about the movies. This VERY talented band played as Liberty Means in the movie “Mock and Roll.” As that fictional band they are following, albeit from a little distance “This is Spinal Tap”. And they are humble enough to try to avoid such comparisons.

Liberty Mean’s members are Robin, Rick, Tom, and Bun and they are … clueless! In the movie, they parody the songs of Central Ohio’s favorite rock band, the Black Owls and are set out to make it on stage at the South-By-Southwest Music Festival, BUT their plan is interrupted, putting their music careers — and lives — in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, no matter what they call themselves, this group is great, featuring a wailing female lead singer and serious Rock chops, even though one of the songs from the film is a little…interesting,. The title is “I May Eat Some Bacon” and fits in with the “clueless” persona of the fictional Liberty Means.

Mock and Roll the motion picture includes special appearances by comedian Alex Ortiz, Foghat founding member/drummer Roger Earl, Ohio favorite son/musician Michael Stanley, and radio station CD102.5’s Randy Malloy.

PS: We love the Columbus Skyline in the background!

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See what reviewers are saying about Mock and Roll:

  • “Mock and Roll is the modern day ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and without a doubt deserves to be mentioned with it.” @17cinema_reviews
  • “An inventive production that wears its passion on its sleeve” Digital
  • “Funny and unexpected twists…more in common with The Office or Kevin Smith’s debut Clerks.” RetroRamble
  • “…about these 4 characters, I really warmed to them instantly.” @OftenOffTopic

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