When your customers can’t reach the “Right Person’ QUICKLY – their patience – and your chances of success – FADE just as quickly!

When they want information about a product or service in a hurry Nobody is happy about getting:

· “Press 1 to…”
· “He/she isn’t here now, can I take a message?”
· “I’m out of the office now, but I will call…

Loquantur connects callers to the “Right Person” – Right NOW!

Because of our completely flexible Adaptive Call Routing technology, your callers – particularly customers – will NEVER have to deal with any of those expectation-killing situations.

Adaptive Call Routing enhances customer service by providing a SPEEDY connection – to the delight of your clients and your bottom line. It’s dynamic, allows you to route calls with faultless precision and makes your company look like a 21st century top firm.

A product specialist in Rochester, New York can be immediately reached via a phone number that is native to Rochester, Minnesota. You can provide seamless “local” service without the expense of a bricks and mortar facility in every service area.

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