One of the reasons we talk about the difference in providers for Managed Cloud VOIP is because customer service is critical in keeping your system working as it should AFTER you buy it.

As you know, when you are working with Loquantur, we go the extra mile to make sure that each call can be routed to the appropriate personno matter what, which includes emergencies when your primary location has been knocked out of order by weather and/or lack of electricity.  BUT, there are other issues that we can resolve – IF we know about them.


People and Responsibilities Change 

All those changes can easily be accommodated – IF we know about them, as soon as possible.

Twentieth century organizations are very fluid – they have to be nimble enough to continue successful operations.   Sometimes new divisions are added or acquired, those need to be integrated into the system, so we need to know about them.

Equipment/Connections Change 

You might get a new piece of equipment, like a router, from your ISP, or even CHANGE ISPs.  We need to know about those things too.  Change of ISP’s could mean change of your IP address – which means we have to change our settings.

We’re very good at keeping your service working as it should.   We can always accommodate change easily – BUT we need to know about changes to keep your system working at its most efficient level.  

Make Sure to Check and Change Your Email Settings

We set up your system to be flexible and to keep calls routed regardless of what device your key people use, and even convert fax or voicemail messages to email.   However, sometimes there are changes that we need to know.  You may have new people coming on board, responsibilities may change, some key people may retire or move.

Help us to continue to be the best Managed Cloud VOIP Provider – for YOU!


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