Problems with VOIP on the Cloud? It’s not the Cloud it’s the Company!
So many people who have bad experiences had them because they didn’t understand the difference between “here’s your box of stuff” and “we can do that for you.
That’s why there are so many companies saying “I bought the wrong service – VOIP on the cloud isn’t doing half the things I thought it would.” The fact is – they didn’t buy the wrong service, they bought the wrong company.
True, VOIP on the cloud isn’t rocket science – BUT done right it comes pretty close. The amount of time the average SMB spends trying to figure out “plug this into that” is staggering. Worst of all, there is no guarantee that the “some assembly required” version of VOIP will actually work.
As the old saying goes “the devil is in the details.” IF a SMB has a full-time, skilled IT person, the installation of the BOS (Box of Stuff) can go quickly and without a hitch. If NOT, it can turn into a total disaster.

  • The amount of customer service is severely limited
  • The company’s website FAQ’s cover only minimum basics and answer NO sophisticated questions
  • Even with phone calls and/or emails, days can go by without any response at all

Sadly, many of the biggest names in VOIP on the cloud only offer undifferentiated, unmanaged Cloud service. Others will be happy to help, if you have the need for thousands of phones, otherwise – they’re not interested.
That’s why Loquantur is the RIGHT company for VOIP.
We offer MANAGED VOIP in the cloud.
We provide extra high levels of service. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get great service. We’re more interested in your company than in a quick sale – we want your business to flourish so we can grow with you.

The Loquantur Difference

We figure out what you need to do to get EXACTLY what you want from your phone system
Then, we install everything, including phones which you can rent from us OR buy them outright yourself (if they meet our Cisco-driven specifications)
The first 12 months you’re on a month to month contract – NO long-term contract
All calls will be returned promptly, by a U.S.-based expert, no exceptions
If you’re happy with the TOTAL service, we’ll give you a 3 to 5 year contract with a price reduction on existing equipment or new all equipment – your choice

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