So, you’re in charge of the “&%##@@ phone system” and it just doesn’t have the capability of helping your business to the next level? What do you do?

After all, you have a LOT more to do than to be Ernestine the telephone operator, right?

There are lots of options available:
On Premise-Based Systems

  • Require a ton of money upfront to purchase expensive equipment.
  • This expensive equipment that has to be put SOMEWHERE in your facility
  • And require a lot of your time to make them work
  • You need expert help every time you need to make any adjustment
  • You’re paying monthly maintenance and support fees on the equipment.
  • And only then you get to buy the Telecom service to make it work.

“Cloud-Based Systems”

  • Ease some of the upfront costs.
  • However, many of them turn out to be very expensive
  • Have hidden “add-on” charges AND limitations that will cause huge problems and
  • – yes – they will also STILL take a lot of your time since most of the ones generally advertised turn out to be “Do-It-Yourself” type solutions.

What’s the answer?
We built a better platform that addresses these deficiencies. Loquantur Is in the business of building SOLUTIONS We provide expertise and peace of mind with a completely managed cloud-based systems that:

  • Are totally professionally managed Cloud-based solutions – little on site deployment
  • Deliver immediate results and provide ease of change – expandable and designed to “grow to fit” to help each business continue to meet strategic communications needs without problems
  • Require NO space or equipment purchases (you get all the “stuff” you need as part of the system) AND
  • Great cost-efficiency plus work ALL the time (no downtime or line quality issues)
  • BEST of all – DON’T require a lot of YOUR time to “make the phones talk to each other”, perform business critical functions, and continue to work as your needs change

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