Chris Summers (DJ iShine) is an American music producer, DJ, blogger, and composer.

DJ iShine has been a part of the professional music industry since 2008. He has produced a number of records for artists that have been featured on media outlets such as MTV, HipHopDX, and Revolt TV.

As a producer and mentor, his goal is to serve the community of music artists whether they are up and coming, local or established.

His personal philosophy is clear:

“As I continue to grow my career as a music producer and DJ, I want to help grow others as well because we are a new generation of talent waiting to be heard, but we don’t get the recognition we deserve.”

He is always eager to share his talent and industry experience with burgeoning and established artists alike. iShine has a broad range of expertise in diverse musical genres.  This background lends itself well to providing quality production services and valuable knowledge to his clients as well as those interested in the music industry.

“I can help you out in many ways such as produce music for you, DJ a show/event you are throwing and even review your music. Because I get many requests, I have decided to expedite things and push and further promote artists that need my help. My website has close to half a million views since its establishment in 2013 and it will continue to grow as time goes on.”

As a composer, he has an eclectic outlook and produces interesting and popular work across several musical platforms.  You can hear some of these on  https://www.mixcloud.com/djishine

As a professional DJ and sound engineer for his own brand new mobile DJ company – IShine Music Production.  He has built a strong reputation with clients since 2007.  He is always eager to work with new clients who want to create memorable experiences. That website is http://www.doingjusticeishine.com.

American Idol will be in Columbus, 9/12/2018!

The nationwide search starts August 25 in Orlando and San Diego, and the Idol Bus is set to stop in Columbus on September 12. The exact location where auditions will take place in Columbus has not yet been disclosed.

The show returned to the nation’s television screens this year on ABC. Iowa-native Maddie Poppe was crowned the American Idol in May.

Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will return as judges, and Ryan Seacrest will return as host for the second season.  Check out local media to find where the auditions will take place.

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