We all know that hurricanes are dangerous, destructive and typically last for NINE days. Will YOU be prepared to communicate with your customers and employees –when (not if) one hits?

It is vital to have an “in case of hurricane” program in place

According to FEMA, nearly 40 percent of small businesses that are unable to deal with customers due to hurricanes and other weather-related damage will end up closing – NEVER to reopen.

In order to avoid being another statistic, organizations need to prepare for ways to deal with the threats and dangers of hurricane season. Business continuity is one of the most important things you can do for hurricane preparedness.

With Loquantur, you won’t have to worry about weather issues putting you out of business. During an emergency, continuing to do “business as usual” is almost as easy as flipping a switch.

We work with you so during the design stage of the system so the preparations and options for keeping your business communication running are in place well in advance.

We will maintain communication for any client, even when local power and phone service is disrupted by a hurricane. Customers – and staff – will be able to reach you. Calls will get to the right people right away – and your business will continue to operate efficiently. Managed Cloud VOIP service from Loquantur –keeps you “open for business” no matter what the weather does.

Even if your local Internet is DOWN, your business ISN’T!

In addition to having your communications secured, you should have a hurricane preparedness plan in place before a hurricane.
FEMA published a very thorough checklist for emergencies at this link:

We would be happy to have a NO-Obligation discussion with you on how our flexible managed Cloud service will work to keep YOUR organization open for business, even during and after a hurricane.

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