Happy New Year and welcome to the Loquantur Newsletter!

There are always important things to talk about in Managed Cloud VOIP, and this year is no exception.  We want to bring our newsletter readers information that will make it easier for them to get and keep connected.

In this issue, we want to give you a sneak preview – sort of a “Coming Soon” teaser – about blogs and new developments that will address things you need to know about selecting a Cloud VOIP provider AND exciting new enhancements that Loquantur has made and will be making to our services this year.

BLOGS – It’s NOT the technology, it’s the PROVIDER that counts

In the blog space, we will talk about things user need to beware of when selecting a Cloud VOIP provider. These are important areas that many organizations ASSUME will not crop up when they choose a provider – BUT do actually happen!

That’s why we call these topics – “It’s NOT the Technology, It’s the PROVIDER”

WARNING: PROVIDER ISSUES – “Incompatible hardware and equipment”

Our blog this month will talk about the dangers that can occur when an organization has equipment problems. If you think your existing router has the horsepower to handle a ramped-up VOIP system, you may be sadly disappointed. And, even “reliable” desk phones may also let you down.


Premises may morph into excuses – or being completely ignored – if you haven’t done your due diligence on a communications partner to handle your cloud VOIP. Getting customer service when – and HOW – you want it can become a Real challenge unless you have a provider who gives you REAL customer support.

WARNING: PROVIDER ISSUES – “Fine-tuning Your Phone Presence”

Training your associates to use a dream brand-new Cloud VOIP can turn into a nightmare when you find that the promised “training” requires a degree in IT and a lot of DIY (Do-it-yourself) work. What to look out for that could take “Oh, great!” to “Oh, NO!”

We have LOTS of great things coming! We’ll keep you posted as it happens!

Loquantur provides easy-to-use Managed Cloud VOIP solutions

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• Avoid issues like Incompatible hardware or equipment  

• Eliminate the need for high-priced IT support or DIY training


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