Henry Byrne is a brilliant young (16!) singer/songwriter from Columbus, Ohio who is definitely ahead of the power curve.    His debut EP, titled Pardon My Failures consists of 5 tracks with each part written, performed and recorded by the artist.

Henry is an honor student at Davidson High School where he is a member of the cross country team and is a member of the Madrigals acapella group. 

Pardon My Failures, a reincarnation of the EMO Indie Rock fair of the 90’s. It showcases music from a young member of Gen Z.

The album is full of strong melodies, complex and layered with emotional lyrics, reflecting the angst of Henry’s generation. From the driving rhythm of the first cut “Stressing, Not Addressing” to the screed of “Glitter Glue,” the rhythmic singing carries the listener along with the sound. It exposes the wounds of its songwriter and confronts the often dark and lonely journey we all must endure as the price of admission to adulthood.

The music and lyrics are relentless and underscore a confrontation of self-doubt.  Listeners will be intrigued by the sophistication of catchy choruses and intricate guitar and bass lines.

Henry’s music is cathartic for the listener and artist alike. You can purchase at Amazon here and bandcamp here.

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