Once again, we reach out to RHYTHM regulars and those who are seeing it for the first time.  RHYTHM is an outreach program to the communities, organizations and people we serve and others we have yet to reach.

Our business is based on creating partnerships using technology for communication.  Our vision for RHYTHM is to use music to remind all of us that we are all in this world together as individuals and business people.

It is our way of highlighting a bigger picture, a different level of connection, inspired by a greater vision.  We believe that music can help us to gain an of how all of us can and should connect for a higher understanding purpose based on community and service.

That’s why we invite musicians of all types to share their music.  It is a channel – an invitation, if you will, for us to diversify our music tastes by trying something new – person-to-person, artist-to-audience, Music-options- to-music appreciators.

RHYTHM is designed to demonstrate that artistry has an immense emotional power and shows us that we should be open to all things and people.   We are doing an Open Call to all – we want to share MORE music but we need YOUR Help!

We want to find and promote talented musicians of any and all kinds that play original music If you or anyone you know any musicians that would like to share their talent et exposure OR know anybody who does…

PLEASE have them contact us!!!

Loquantur, Inc.

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Suite 300
Dublin, Ohio 43017

(800) 527-9022


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