Maybe it’s a problem with the Vendor!

There are several issues that can cause issues when you move your PBX service to the cloud.  Things such as insufficient internet bandwidth or not having a robust router can create all kinds of problems.

However, assuming that these physical requirements are met, VOIP should provide a remarkably robust and flexible platform for any business telephone needs.  BUT you also need a reliable provider, with high-touch customer-service to get the most out of your VOIP.

Hard but TRUE Issues

In a previous blog, we made the distinction between the top providers and “ordinary” ones.  Any problems that you have had or heard may come from the VOIP vendor, NOT with VOIP in the Cloud, itself.

Many times companies offering “solutions”  may be the problem.  To quote the Rolling Stones –

“The same old places and the same old song; we’ve been going there for much too long

There’s something wrong and it gives me that feeling: Inside that I know I must be right

It’s the singer not the song – It’s the singer not the song  – It’s the singer not the song”

As with any other product or service, the question to be asked is “Is YOUR VOIP availability from a vendor (service begins and ends with taking a phone/equipment order) OR a full-service provider have the right capabilities?”

This chart covers the differences between a TOP provider and the less-qualified ones.

  TOP Managed Cloud VOIP providers Ordinary Cloud VOIP Vendors
Price Reasonable, includes set up, use existing phones or get new ones, normal services Inexpensive – includes phones, YOU do the installation
Customer Service Availability Speed 24/7 Phone, text, email Low interaction. email only
Response Time Monitoring and communication mean quick response Uncertain response times
Maintenance Part of agreement
Phone/text/email support and on-site if required
Your IT Department – DIY (Do It Yourself)
FAQ’s, possibly emails
Scalability Easy, simple add-on New contract, same low-grade service (maybe only a new “brown box”)
Reliability Very good, multiple suppliers Uncertain
Disaster Recovery Can be done “on the fly” Quickly Uncertain
“Future Proofing” Technology and system upgrade well supported Uncertain


Don’t Just Look at “Ratings”

In many Top Five or Top Ten rating posts, several of the “top-rated companies” are NOT really providers, they are VENDORS.  They DON’T give you a custom solution (beyond shipping the right number of phone sets); they DON’T physically install ANYTHING and – worst of all, they DON’T provide any real customer service.

Many VOIP CLOUD firms are legacy divisions of the old “telcos” (old-fashioned hard-wired telephone companies) or have a relationship with VOIP that begins and ends with shipping equipment. that “should” work with an internet connection.

Irregular email-ONLY contacts and silence are NOT going to be of much help to an organization that has limited or NO IT personnel dedicated to telephony.

The time to ask the tough questions is BEFORE you commit to a contract.  Use the chart above to quiz any company offering VOIP – and see how they answer?


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