Businesses often assume that a cloud service must be a do it yourself system. Untrue!

Very Simply, DIY isn’t always the best choice.

For Communications Systems; the learning curve tends to be rather steep… Sure there are many reputable cloud providers but they all come at a cost: Time! They all require a lot of time to learn about the system, how to design it to your specifications, how to make adjustments, and how to make sure it is delivering. This is a huge investment learning these complex systems and getting them to work just right for you.

Let’s consider the steep learning curve associated with communications systems. There is a high probability that your initial setup isn’t created correctly and, in the end, the system doesn’t meet your needs leading to wasted time, effort, and money.

Moreover, this is, usually, coupled with the fact that, in many instances direct support for trouble shooting issues is not an option. You, generally, receive support via web chat or email. This may be adequate for simple tasks that can wait for an email response. But when it comes to a complex communications system with routing and other custom features, can you wait a day, two days, a week for a response?

A reliable communications system is an absolute necessity for any business. As communications systems transition into the cloud, the general trend is to provide a blank slate and let the customer do all the configurations work.

Loquantur to the Rescue!
A cloud service that doesn’t eat up precious human resources is invaluable. This applies most certainly to small and medium sized companies who have even more limited resources to invest in such systems
Loquantur is designed to provide high quality custom system with no headache. Period. Our cloud operates in the cloud but with the support as a local system completely managed by technical staff that understands how to operate to your exact specifications. As your business grows and your needs change, we are right by your side providing the guidance and making the adjustments exactly when you need them.

Your Loquantur learning curve is 0!
Moreover, now you can get creative in how you want your systems to operate so they better support your mission and goals.
Tell us how your business can use this to affect better results.

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