This month, our blog will talk about the benefits of a Managed Cloud VOIP Telephone system

It’s NOT the technology, it’s the VOIP PROVIDER that counts

Second in a Series on Issues with VOIP Cloud Providers

Managed Cloud VOIP


A top-quality Managed Cloud VOIP system is NOT totally dependent on local utilities – electricity and internet.

Even if there is a power outage or problem local internet, a VOIP system will continue to work. When the system is set up, the need to have it work even in cases where a disaster – weather, fire, or flood – has occurred, your organization can receive and make calls.

The provider of a first-class Managed Cloud system will have a basic plan of how to route calls to individuals via smartphones that allow business to continue being conducted without any interruptions of operation.

Even “on-the-fly” routing changes can be accommodated quickly.

Happier Customers – Day-to-Day or for Changes

Managed Cloud VOIP – Better Service, No Issues with Changes

The top providers are always available to field questions or requests and will insure that any changes are made without the customer having to become an IT guru.

Typically, these providers will also be able to scale up a customer’s system by simply adding phones (although some additional computer port type wiring may be necessary.)

The best providers provide on-premise set-up and service when needed.

Old-fashioned systems – and even those from lower quality providers –require higher costs to increase the size of the system.

Allow User to Provide Better Customer Service and Enhance Productivity

Organizations that have a quality Managed Cloud VOIP provider you can deliver better customer service and productivity.

  1. Calls are routed to the right person more easily and especially those for on-the-go staff. Key personnel are no longer “tied to the desk.”  They can be mobile AND available.
  2. VOIP systems allow for richer features – such as easy-to-do conference calls, even to staff who are not at their desks. This makes work-at-home employees more efficient and even those who travel are easy to include.
  3. Remote offices don’t need to have a physical location. Calls from other locations are directed quickly to a staff member who is the “local” resource.
  4. Transferring calls is easier and basically fool-proof.
  5. Using decision tree menus (“Dial 1 for sales,” etc.) can be drastically reduced, leading to better customer interface.

When considering doing business with Cloud VOIP service provider, be SURE to find out if they can offer these benefits as part of their services.

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