The Milk Theory Band

The Milk Theory – Facts

Born in 2015


“We don’t know what we are, but let’s call it… introspective garage rock with an emo flair.”

Home Town

San Antonio, Texas


In honor of The Milk Theory Band featured on the September RHYTHM – Win one of 3 album downloads of their new album Interrobang – FREE!

To WIN – you need to guess WHY the band’s name is – The Milk Theory?

Prizes will be awarded on the following basis:
1. CORRECTLY guess the reason for the name

2. Close, but not quite right

3. Most creative guess

4. Extra credit for knowing what the word  Symbol Interrobang means.

5. Just in case, anywhere from 1 to 10 winners will be chosen at random!

Top winners get a download of the entire Interrobang album – EVERYONE receives a free download of the hit single “WE” from the album.



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