1. Echo (Echo, echo, echo…)
The echo effect (techie term:“latency”) comes from issues with everything from un-prioritized VOIP traffic to bandwidth to cheap/low-quality routers (more on this below) – and there are even more areas for problems to occur.

With Loquantur, this DOESN’T happen!

2. Poor/muddled audio quality
This problem (techie term: “jitter”) is the result of cheap engineering –not enough money spent on the right buffers, and compression that makes the conversation sound metallic.

Loquantur eliminates this with buffers that are fast and store voice packets in the right order and no compression.

3. Lack of bandwidth
Yep, some VOIP/PBX office systems move at the speed of…web surfing, NOT business class high-speed internet.

We don’t try to keep you on dial-up speed bandwidth

4. Inadequate routers
When businesses use an ordinary(read: cheap) to route both voice anddata over their internet service, this – unfortunately is going to happen!

We ONLY work with routers designed to prioritize VoIP traffic

5. Amateur Night at the Follies
Some providers try to go on the cheap and don’t properly configure the INTERNAL network. If you try to route both voice and data over one of these DIY-level network/router combos, you WILL have issues!

Problem#5: Improperly Configured Internal Network

Loquantur ONLY works with a properly configured business VoIP capable router

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