Nobody can be good at EVERYTHING.
Many companies that specialize in IT – for issues from security to designing websites – have decided that they can just add VOIP to their service offerings. After all, it’s only IT “stuff,” right?
We believe that a company needs to figure out what it is and what it does. Trying to do too many things tends to make a mess of ALL of them…

While “just adding VOIP” that may sound like a good idea to THEM, it may not be the best one for THEIR CLIENTS. It’s awfully hard for one group of people to excel at any and everything to do with IT. As we always say, VOIP may not be rocket science, but it’s close enough,if you’re doing it correctly.

The difference between general IT work and VOIP

Most IT work is done and then uploaded – it doesn’t get changed unless there is a major change in how the operation runs. VOIP is a dynamic business, it requires agility and responsiveness – sometimes with daily changes– from the company managing a client’s telecommunications.

Plus, unless the “we do it all” company is large, ALL their IT work goes through the same people and servers.

If there is an issue with ONE component, it affects EVERYTHING,including the VOIP component. Why? Simply because while the VOIP service is “on the Cloud,” the access for the staff that makes it work is on their servers.

If you have ever seen the degradation in service on a website hosted by one of those “we do it all companies” where it takes a LONG time for the site to come up, you’ve got the idea.

Do YOU want your phone service to be unavailable for hours?

Are you comfortable with having to leave a voicemail because the technical staff is trying to fix problem that has nothing to do with phone service?Make sure that you have a dedicated VOIP provider that spends 100% of its effort – including staff and resources – to providing the best quality of service AND flexibility.

The Loquantur Difference
That’s why Loquantur believes in focusing ONLY on VOIP.

We provide extra high levels of service. You don’t need to worry about competing for service resources with a company that just had its website hacked. Our interest is focused on providing the optimum VOIP service, period.

We’re not here to be mean or throw arrows… We will, in fact, partner with IT companies to bring high quality VOIP solutions to their clients. But in such partnerships, we make sure the client gets the best VOIP System out there, while our IT partners focus on what they do best… Now, isn’t that the best of all worlds!

If you’re concerned about being lost in the crowd, contact us – we have the time and interest to make VOIP work for you and your company – and you won’t have to compete with a website security breach!

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