Second in a Series of Three Blogs on the Benefits of Managed Cloud VOIP

In the first blog in this series, we talked about the benefits of Managed Cloud VOIP services.  In this segment, we need to talk about things you need to know about the difference between Managed Cloud VOIP and vendors who simply send you a box of equipment.

 Managed Cloud VOIP providersOrdinary Cloud VOIP Vendors
PriceReasonable, includes set up, use existing phones or get new ones, normal servicesInexpensive – includes phones, YOU do the installation
Customer Service Availability Speed24/7 Phone, text, emailLow interaction. email only
Response TimeMonitoring and communication mean quick responseUncertain response times
MaintenancePart of agreement

Phone/text/email support and on-site if required

Your IT Department – DIY (Do It Yourself)

FAQ’s, possibly emails

ScalabilityEasy, simple add-onNew contract, new “brown box”
ReliabilityVery good, multiple suppliersUncertain
Disaster RecoveryCan be done “on the fly” QuicklyUncertain
“Future Proofing”Technology and system upgrade well supportedUncertain


Customer Service/Availability

Managed Cloud VOIP systems can be counted on to provide excellent customer Service, usually covered as part of the monthly charges.  Service is available quickly and includes communication via multiple media and even on-site if required – although in a cloud solution, there is rarely any equipment on site other than the phones themselves.

Response Time

With Managed VOIP, businesses can expect quick response times because of regular monitoring and resolution capabilities.  A Managed VOIP provider can access, monitor and repair virtually any voice-related issue remotely. Since  there is no equipment on site, the  If a phone fails, it will be replaced, no questions asked.


With ordinary Cloud VOIP, your in-house IT department will have to handle this.  For upgrades/new technology, your IT personnel will have to spend company time and money to get training.  (If you DON’T have in-house IT personnel, you will have to hire one.)

When vendor-specific service issues arise, typically with phone equipment Managed Cloud VOIP providers will take care of contacting third-party vendors to resolve them and can usually provide “loaner” equipment to keep the system working.


Managed Cloud VOIP offers easy growth.  Ordinary vendors will require time for changes and outside of shipping another “brown box” for growth, may require a new contract, not just an amendment.


Managed Cloud VOIP service providers offer better control over service levels, performance and maintenance, especially with a comprehensive service-level agreement to guarantee service continuity.

Disaster recovery

Managed Cloud VOIP service providers are familiar the needs to keep businesses in business and have agility, redundancy and resiliency to arrange for transfers/new connectivity and the other adjustments needed to keep customers capabilities functioning without issues.


Migrating to a cloud environment is the first step in future-proofing your data center. Next, you’ll need make the latest technology and services available to your business.

At Loquantur, we are committed to helping businesses leverage the custom solutions available from cloud VOIP.  As a Managed Cloud VOIP services provider, we set up, manage and protect your communications environment so you can focus on growing your business.

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