Are Performance Issues With Your Phone System Losing You Customers?

Our Zero Downtime Business Communication System Solves This Problem…



No Installation Cost

With no large upfront equipment investment and easy deployment, you can be up and running quickly

All Done For You

You don’t require technical expertise on staff; 24 x 7 customer support ensures any issues are handled within minutes

You’ll Sleep Easy At Night

You know you’ll never miss a phone call. One monthly charge covers everything with no “nickel and dime” extras

Do you have any of these issues or challenges with your existing phone system?


It no longer does what it needs to do


You have never ending voice quality issues


You get upset with the “nickel and diming” ongoing costs you suffer


You’re finding that a new phone system is capital intensive and expensive to install


You’re frustrated with the long customer service wait times you experience with your existing provider


Your staff can’t keep up with the new technology developments


You believe that as a non-technical person you shouldn’t have to deal with technical issues that are over your head


You wish there was just someone who understood your issues as a small business and would take single-source responsibility to work with you

With decades of experience in the communication industry we know the frustration and pain you’re feeling. Installation of a new phone system is a challenging proposition.


We’re technology experts. We take those technology challenges off your plate so you can focus on what you’re best at, your business


Because we’ve dealt with the large communication companies and know their built in friction points, we’ve eliminated them in all parts of our business, including:

  • 24 x 7 support/customer service – immediate turnaround/resolution on technical issues
  • A “you’re not just a number” attitude
  • You get the very best service from start to finished and functional installation
  • One monthly charge that covers everything (no extra “nickel and dime” charges)
  • No installation fees
  • Easy deployment

Because you’ve probably already “heard it all”, we give you a 12 months “Love Us Or Leave Us” guarantee so we can prove we do what we say we will do


Our business has grown from just word of mouth and personal referrals


Our clients continually come to us to develop their business communication systems based upon their knowledge of our skills and their belief we can do it

Your communication system is one of your most important business assets

Here’s How We Work Together

Step 1 – Review

You Schedule A Call With Us To
Review Your Situation

Step 2 – Plan

Together we define and develop a scope to solve your business communication problem or challenge

Step 3 – Deploy & Grow

We review our plan with you and implement the solution

Here’s what some of our clients say:

If you are in need of a professional phone system for your business with zero downtime, seamless operation and excellent clarity, then try Loquantur. The best part is the service is local, friendly and high quality with great custom solutions.

Adele S. Busch

CEO, ASB Business Services, LLC

We have been a customer for over two year! We have had great service and prompt attention to any change we wanted to make. Highly recommend for micro and small businesses.... Love the Hold Music!!

Paul Lyda

Owner, SignAffects Limited

Love the crystal clear phone connection, and the high quality do-it-for-you services they provide. Great people. Great company. Great technology.

Sharon Wei

Designer & Visionary, Sharon Wei Designs

This company is top-notch for internet phones!! I was very hesitant for our company to make the switch for years due to the choppy conversations I had in the past with companies that had it. I do not know why I waited so long!!! It is so easy and Loquantur and their staff are great at helping when we have questions and getting back to so fast when we have problems. If you are thinking about it .. do it and this company is one to go with.
Myra Lilly

Office Manager, Fourth Avenue Financial

John and his team made every part, from starting the service to canceling the old service from the old provider, super easy and PAINLESS. THEY DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU! Plus their customer service is online and in person and the support has been amazing! Thank you!
Steve Squeo

Owner, Ultradata Research, Inc.

The conversion from our company's old VOIP phone system to the new VOIP system went very smoothly.

They did exactly what they promised, on time, and with no issues.

Debbie McClure

Chief Operating Office , ALNI

What’s unique about the Loquantur Business Communication System?


First, we are a small business that fully understands what it means to be a small business. In working with the large phone companies over the past decades, we’ve experienced many of the frustrations small businesses undergo in dealing with them. We know their friction points, which led us to develop the Loquantur Voice Business Communication System that is totally applicable for a small business (which we define as less than 200 phones).

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That, plus our position as technology experts, gives us a unique approach to working with you:

1. Our system is all done for you; you don’t need internal technical staff

2. You don’t require a large upfront equipment investment

3. The system is easy to deploy; many clients have their systems ready to go in minutes, which significantly reduces the typical installation cost

4. You have 24 x 7 technical support via phone, email, or text. Over the years only one system outage has taken longer than 20 minutes to resolve

5. One monthly fixed cost charge; no “nickel and diming” charges, which a number of clients have told us they regularly experience with other phone system providers

6. Our guarantee – we give you a full 12 months “Love Us Or Leave Us” guarantee

Loquantur, Inc.

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