We Provide A Completely Managed VOIP Phone System


We Assess Your Needs • Design and Install Your System • Train All Your Staff • Make All the Changes You Need • Maintain everything • And NEVER Deal With ANY Phone Company Again

Simple – No IT expertise required*
Reliable – NEVER out of service, ALWAYS available
Affordable – Simple system pricing – Stress-Free and uncomplicated
Flexible – Easily accommodates multiple locations for multiple people
Scalable – Just add more phones as needed

Managed Cloud VOIP Provider

Customized Phone, Wireless, Email, Text Messaging, Web and Integrated Back office Systems for the needs of smaller businesses

Creating Solutions that Truly Work!

Better quality via dedicated and “Enterprise Level” phone system features – installation, system components and user support included

Universal Communications

Complete flexibility and integration of call routing – local presence no matter of location – fail-over to smartphones in emergencies

Discover Loquantur Universal Communications.

✅  Need to connect your office with your home office? Done.

✅  Need to route incoming calls to the right department automatically? Done.

✅  Want to make your small business look like a large corporation? Done.

✅  Need to connect 80 phones in six locations and make them all seamlessly work as one? Done.

✅  Need a new system fast, with no capital investment? Done.

✅  Want to work from the beach but still look like you are in your office? Done.

✅  Whatever you want, whatever you need.


Get VOIP in 3 easy steps

First, we offer "Managed" VOIP in the cloud, not basic cloud VOIP.



We figure out what you need to do to get EXACTLY what you want from your phone system – including ability to make/receive local number calls from anywhere



We design sophisticated system configuration that are easy to use with great service and pricing. We’re more interested in your company than in a quick sale – we want your business to flourish so we can grow with you.


Deploy & Grow

We install everything for you, including phones which you can rent from us OR buy them outright yourself (if they meet our Cisco-driven specifications)

Discovering your needs,

creating solutions that truly work.


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